The Next Chapter Program is an individual and confidential step-by-step process developed specifically for widows and widowers.  Facilitated by professional advisors, the program helps people who have lost a spouse live the next chapter of their life with greater confidence and purpose.  Created by Patrick Carroll and Martin Levine, the step-by-step program helps you feel more confident about your finances, feel better emotionally and pursue a new purpose in your life.

The process begins by helping you articulate a new purpose for the future.  We help you decide what will give you a greater sense of meaning and direction.  Then we work together to develop an integrated life plan that will support your new-found purpose.  We have found that this approach helps our clients feel energized, confident, more empowered and supported because they are taking charge of their life again.

The Next Chapter Program is unique because we focus on your total life experience.  By addressing all of a person’s life issues in a single plan, the program provides a supportive and effective way to move forward.