The Next Chapter Program was created by Patrick Carroll and Martin Levine for individuals who have lost a spouse.  The step-by-step program was designed to help widows and widowers feel more confident about their finances, feel better emotionally and to help them pursue a new purpose in life.

The process begins by helping you articulate a new purpose for the future.  We help you decide what will give you a greater sense of meaning and direction.  Then we work together to develop an integrated life plan that will support your new-found purpose.  We have found that this approach helps our clients feel energized, confident, more empowered and supported because they are taking charge of their life again.

“Many people who lose a spouse often feel confused, unsupported and directionless,” Patrick says.  “Along with their grief, they have to contend with many changes and issues in their life.  For example, they may be worried about their finances and they may not have the knowledge they need to manage their money properly.  In some cases, they may even be afraid to spend money, even if they have substantial wealth.”

“More importantly, they may not know what to do with themselves during this next chapter in their life.  They may have lost their purpose and they may no longer have clear life goals or a plan to achieve them.  As a result, they may end up living day-to-day, thinking about the past instead of looking to the future.”

“The Next Chapter Program is unique because we focus on the client’s total life experience,” says Martin Levine, co-creator of the program, and author of the best-selling book, The Widow’s Survival Guide.  “By addressing all of a person’s life issues in a single plan, the program gives our clients a supportive and effective way to make a fresh and positive new start in their life.”

As a member of The Next Chapter Program you will:
  • Have a renewed sense of purpose and clear life goals.
  • Have a plan in place to achieve your goals.
  • Feel more confident and knowledgeable about your money.
  • Feel better emotionally and have more energy for your day-to-day activities.
  • Feel ready and able to write the next chapter in your life.

If you are interested in The Next Chapter Program, we offer a complementary 90-minute Starter Session.  To schedule your free session, contact us today.