Patrick K. Carroll, ChFC, MSFS, CFP/CEO

As a Certified Financial Planner® with over 30 years experience, Patrick Carroll helped to create the Next Chapter Program in response to the need he saw among his clients and friends. Along with co-founder, Marty Levine, Patrick sought to help people who had lost a spouse or partner live the next chapter of their life with greater confidence and purpose. Working with current clients and family members they had helped through the transition, Patrick and Marty created a program to help individuals in this situation develop clear written goals for the rest of their lives and a plan to help them achieve those goals.

One of the country's leading financial planners and president of Wealth Strategies Group, Patrick has worked with hundreds of families and individuals over the past two decades. He is guided by the belief that financial planning is about people and relationships, not about money and financial products. "Over the past 25 years, I've learned that financial planning works best if my clients have clear goals for the future - both personal and financial. That's why I created The Lifestyle Protector Process™, which has been integrated into the Next Chapter Program. It gives my clients the time and structure to think about what's truly important, and what will make them feel happier and more fulfilled."

A resident of Maryland since 1980, Patrick is married and has two daughters. He earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in 1988. In 1997, Patrick earned a Master's degree in Financial Services from the America College. He is also a Certified Renaissance Advisor in Charitable Remainder Trusts. Patrick and his wife Julie are very active in their community in a number of volunteer activities. They also participate in the Academy of Finance program which assists high school students to gain experience in jobs in the finance and banking industry.

Patrick is also the creator of The Dynamic Advisor's Network™, which provides his clients with an integrated and comprehensive team of professional advisors. "By working together with some of the best specialists in the country, I am able to provide my clients with a complete range of services, while focusing on my unique ability as a coach, educator, and trusted advisor."

Martin E. Levine, ChFC, CPA
Martin E. Levine, a ChFC, MBA, CAP and CPA, is a respected financial advisor with over three decades of experience. Martin is a recognized leader and specialist in financial advisory services for widows. This area of his practice emerged following his personal experience of assisting his mother deal with complex financial matters after his father’s death. His background in accounting and tax matters has given him the expertise necessary for counseling other widows facing difficult financial decisions and financial security concerns. In 1998, Martin shared his knowledge on this subject as the author of the comprehensive, sensitive and practical book Widow’s Survival Guide.

Martin is a principal with 4Thought Financial Group, Inc. where he advocates for his clients, always making certain to coordinate with all trusted advisors so by working together, the best results can be achieved. As a Chartered Financial Consultant, he specializes in estate, retirement, investment and business succession planning. He also works with clients to develop tax saving strategies that involve targeted charitable giving and planning.