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Friday, May 6, 2016

Take It Slow

Take it one day at a time.  Sometimes, you may need to take it one minute at a time.  Dealing with grief on a daily basis can drain your strength and leave you little energy to deal with anything else.  If you were the person paying the bills and managing finances before your spouse passed away, you understand a good deal about your situation and finances.  However, if your spouse handled all the financial matters, you may be confused about such things as bill payments, insurance policies, debts, and inheritance, amoung other items.

Given this, panic can easily be added to the long list of feelings you might be struggling with.  Find a professional financial advisor whom you can trust at this time of vulnerability.  Insist on working through everything together so you learn as you go along.  Expect to feel overwhelmed by your grief at times as you sort through it all.  Take your time.  Put off major financial decisions for a least six months or as long as a year, if possible.

When you lose your spouse suddenly, it tears a hole in your life.  There is no quick fix that will fill that hole.  However, if you are open to the support of others, that gaping hole can be healed and you can be able to once again live a full and meaningful life.

Posted by: Patrick Carroll at 3:57 PM
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