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Friday, May 6, 2016

Warning: A Life Alert Scam

Warning: A Life Alert Scam

Robocalls advertising a free life alert, are calling seniors across the country and claiming that they are the original life alert. The original Life Alert is well known and advertised on TV with a commercial that shows an elderly person falling and unable to get up. The robocalls are tricking the elderly by saying the life alert is free, they ask for a credit card number and Medicare number which is the social security number.  The fraudulent company then charges a monthly fee for a life alert system that is not the original that they advertise. In some cases the life alert wasn’t even delivered to the customer and they were paying around 30 dollars a month.

Be aware of these fraudulent robocalls and advertisements and never give out personal information until you are positive they are legitimate.

Posted by: Patrick Carroll at 3:58 PM
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